About Us

We are a UK charity that supports children with learning disabilities, some with life-limiting medical or severe developmental conditions. Follow Your Dreams inspire the ambitions of children and young people by delivering enjoyable methods of learning and play.

We focus on their abilities and identify opportunities, growing and developing skills through the delivery of creative and interactive events, dreams and workshops through collaborative partnerships. Recent events include puppet making/theatre workshops and young dream-makers enterprise events which include areas such as cupcake making/selling, fruit and veg growing and selling and jewellery production.

We inspire these children to see beyond immediate challenges, encourage them to follow their dreams and believe in themselves and develop their talents and skills, empower them with the knowledge, beliefs and tools to achieve and understand that the possibilities are endless.

Our charity has gone from operating weekdays and mainly through organised sessions and groups, to now supporting families pretty much 24/7.  

Since the pandemic, we rapidly changed our charitable activities, in line with our constitution, to:

  • Regular zoom sessions for children with disabilities and siblings, with professional entertainers who are DBS checked and teaching qualified for 60 minutes, at least once per week. Our aim is to have a daily session.
  • Regular zoom sessions for young adults with disabilities covering subjects such as crafts, karaoke, bingo and general socialising and chatting
  • Advice and support to parents carers and guardians – 24/7 by telephone and online

Our groups consist of children, young people and older adults with mainly learning disabilities, but some with physical disabilities. Also, siblings, young carers, carers, parents and guardians.

Some feedback from our sessions

"thank you for everything you’re doing.  Zoom meetings puts D*** in such a good mood, she loves seeing you all.  You are doing a wonderful job"

"Thank you for all you are doing, they are loving it, getting so much out of it, thank you"

"It was so lovely to see M***** laughing with all of you last night.  Thank you for doing this for our kids"

Many families with disabled children use signing, or want to use it, to assist their child’s communication, understanding and inclusion in everyday life. Follow Your Dreams is a passionate advocate for the use of Makaton where it will enhance their communication and understanding.  As a charity we have aimed to incorporate sign into as many of our activities as possible. Our members have relayed to us a real need for more opportunities to encourage signing use amongst their families, and a definite lack in provision for learning and improving their signing skills, particularly in practical, family-friendly ways.  We are grateful to be supported by Andy Mc Makaton Tutor, Amanda Glennon Inclusive Teaching Matters, Suzanne and Tracy Singing Hands, Nikki Makaton Tutor and DJ Jay. Our Charity was awarded Makaton Friendly certification in 2022.

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'Follow Your Dreams' Company No. 04673165. Registered in accordance with the Charities Act 1960. No 1106379 Registered Office. 8a Cambrian Industrial Estate, East Side, Coedcae Lane. Pontyclun. CF72 9EW
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